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At a young age I was fascinated by stones, collecting them wherever I found them. My fondest memories were cross-country road trips with my parents and three brothers in our family wood-paneled station wagon. It was always an adventure to search for rocks along the side of the road or to buy unusual souvenir stones at visitor centers. We would travel from our home near Buffalo, NY to places like Gettysburg, Orlando and as far away as Phoenix, AZ. Arizona was always my favorite — the desert was a treasure trove of hidden objects just waiting to be uncovered. 

Today my passion for stones has grown into how a metal can be added and manipulated to enhance a stone’s natural beauty. I allow the stone to provide the inspiration for my designs. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a cold stone and working with my hands to create a piece of art that can be worn and adorned forever.

— Jacob Keleher, Chicago IL

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