About the Artist

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Jacob moved to Chicago in 2002 after receiving his BA in Economics. There, at Mindscape Adornments, an American Craft Gallery, he immersed himself in the art of metalsmithing under the guidance of James LeTerneau. With a solid foundation, he honed his skills and showcased his creations alongside other talented jewelers.

In 2009, Jacob took a leap into entrepreneurship, crafting his first wholesale line. While simultaneously managing Starbucks stores for 19 years across Evanston and the Flagship location on Michigan Avenue, his economics degree and experience equipped him with the business acumen to run his own venture.

Balancing corporate life with artistic pursuits, his breakthrough came in 2021 when he transitioned to sustaining himself solely through art. Passionate about jewelry design and working hands-on, his childhood fascination with gems now meets the precision of metalsmithing. His current line exudes an edgy, textural, industrial chic vibe, blending bright and oxidized sterling silver, 18k gold, diamonds, and an array of gemstones.

Noteworthy is his Black & Gold collection, intertwining oxidized sterling silver with 18k gold. A signature woodgrain texture defines his work, offering a contemporary, industrial chic aesthetic. As a proud member of SNAG and the American Craft Council, he has showcased his creations in nationally recognized art shows and earned representation in prestigious brick-and-mortar and online galleries.

Jacob's artistic goal is clear—to craft beautiful, functional, and uniquely American pieces of art. He advocates for unrestricted expression in jewelry, empowering individuals to wear what resonates with their true selves, regardless of who they are. Each creation, an embodiment of his passion, is a testament to the seamless fusion of precious materials and artistic vision.