About the Artist

Throughout my life I have collected gemstones.

When I was a child, my family would take cross-country road trips in our wood-paneled station wagon. It was always an adventure, for me, to search for rocks along the side of the road and to look for unusual stones to buy as souvenirs. We traveled the country in that station wagon, from our home in Buffalo, NY to places like Pennsylvania and Florida. But Arizona was always my favorite. The desert offered a treasure trove of hidden objects just waiting to be uncovered.

Today, my passion for stones has grown into a fascination for how a metal can be added and manipulated to enhance a stone's natural beauty. As a jeweler, I pay close attention to the lines and texture of metal, and to the story a gemstone can tell when it’s in a piece of jewelry. It is important that my jewelry be beautiful, functional, and of such a high quality that my customers will enjoy these timeless pieces for generations.